Implementation and Management Services

In addition to our design services, GNEC provides a full range of other services to ensure projects run smoothly and efficiently from the planning and tendering/procurement stages all the way through to completion. We even provide long term operational support if the end user/owner desires. All of these services are available on projects we design as well as projects designed by others.

Our goal is to ensure projects are completed on time, on budget, and meet all quality control and operational requirements. Our Implementation and Management services typically involve a significant amount of field work and close collaboration with owners, clients, contractors, consultants and system operators.

After construction and commissioning of a project is complete we can provide ongoing operational assistance to owners and system operators. These services typically apply to Traffic Signals, Computerized Central Traffic Management Systems, Video Surveillance Systems, Wide Area or Municipal Area Data Networks, Roadway Lighting, Emergency Vehicle Preemption Systems and Transit Priority Systems.

System Evaluation/Planning
Project Management
Inspection/Quality Control
Operational Support
Maintenance Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Infrastructure inventory
  • Sustainable management programs
  • Capital and Operational Budget development
  • Development of detailed capital project scopes including project justification
  • Prioritization of capital and maintenance works
  • Preparing Tender documents
  • RFQ/Tender preparation, issuing, evaluation and award
  • Progress Payments
  • Issue tracking and documentation
  • Field inspection throughout all stages of construction
  • Preparation of progress reports
  • Preparation of deficiency lists
  • Solutions for construction issues
  • Preparation of Change Orders and Site Instructions
  • Traffic signal or ITS controller programming and bench testing
  • Field testing new equipment and verification of proper operation, following industry accepted procedures and checklists
  • Documentation of startup/commissioning and sign-off when all is properly completed
  • Monitoring equipment and systems for errors, malfunctions or general operational inefficiencies
  • Advice and expert analysis for improving system efficiencies and safety
  • Implementation and verification of signal timings, coordination plans, special operating logic
  • Infrastructure condition assessments
  • Maintenance program development
  • Maintenance program management
  • Audits of maintenance activities

Featured Projects

Golden Ears Bridge

Golden Ears Bridge

Langley, BC

Golden Ears Bridge

Owner’s Engineer

Key Project Features
  • Incident Management System
  • Fibre Optic communication infrastructure
  • Roadway & Pedestrian Lighting
  • Traffic Signal System
  • Video traffic monitoring system
  • Regional access to all ITS systems